About Us

We are living the dream!  Bullseye Bicycle is an independently owned bicycle shop in Downtown Durham striving for a friendly atmosphere.  Our service department is extremely well outfitted, and our mechanics have decades of experience on multiple coasts and continents.  We offer a full service shop, capable of doing most repairs on all makes and models of bikes, with a goal of quick turn around on our work.  From kids to adults, we have new, used, and consignment options at this destination location for great bikes!  Giant Bicycle is our largest distributor and we carry a full line of their bicycles.  Bullseye Bicycle is also your rental bike headquarters.  Rent for an hour or a week, we rent bikes to fit your needs.  We are building relationships with our customers and enjoy saving them time and money every day.

What does “being green” mean to you?

For us, it’s riding our bikes, doing everything we can to recycle, and conserving energy to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have a unique store, unlike anything you have ever seen!  Wherever possible, we have used recycled materials from the bicycle industry to “upcycle” our space.  Simply put, the store is made of recycled bikes.  Check out our gallery of artistic fixtures on our site.  Our pledge is to…

1. Recycle any material (that can be) entering through our door
2. Use environmentally friendly products
3. Do our best to keep our energy use to a minimum.

Come on in and see what we do to be green!

Our People

Tyler Kober – Owner – It all started maybe when my first boss delivered my first bike to the house as a kid.  Then came racing BMX, next a sport where you still got to ride on dirt without the track fees called “Mountain Biking”, and finally I became a road biker too, as riding distances and commuting daily was a must.  I was hired at the age of 15 to break down cardboard at the local shop.  I remember my boss coming to me at the age of 16 asking, “What’s your Social Security Number?”  My response was, “What’s a Social Security Number?”  Eight shops later including in Ohio, Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, and London, England, I’m going on my own.  I’ve seen what works at shops, and what doesn’t.  I’ve had amazing experiences in the bicycle industry, and don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon.  The only jobs out of college I’ve had other than working at shops involved creating art.  I studied metal sculpture in school, worked in a bronze foundry, and produced large steel sculptures for another company.  Combining these two loves, bikes and art, has been amazing.  Its taken a few years, but we’ve got a shop full of cool functional art, which I will continue to make as time/materials/ideas/needs present themselves.


Rob “Bobo” Clites – Whether it is down to the pub on the corner, across country or into foreign lands, I can’t get enough of riding my bicycle. I love the freedom that a bicycle can provide; nothing compares to waking up, packing camp onto the back of your bicycle and having the open road before you. Having toured extensively through North America, Europe and Southeast Asia I’m always looking forward to the next adventure. In the meanwhile I get my bicycle “fix” by shredding singletrack trails, both local and scattered across the US. We are fortunate that NC has some of the best riding in North America, if not the world. I’m a bit of a gear geek (the right tool for the job always makes the experience more pleasurable) but hate the idea of exclusivity- there is no price tag on the experiences you’ll have while bicycling. Whether you’re on a $10,000 wunderbike or a freecycled hand-me-down, come by the shop and let’s get you all setup for our next adventure!

Thanks for reading, and We hope to see you soon!