Repair Services

All repair estimates provided free of charge

We offer seven “maintenance packages” alongside a la carte services.

  1. MP1- Basic Service/Safety Check $20
    Tighten all fasteners to proper torque specifications, inspect brakes and gears, lubricate chain and set the tires to proper pressure.
  2. MP2- Brake System Reconditioning $30
    Secure levers and calipers, lubricate cables, clean rims and adjust brakes. This includes the labor for installation of new cables, housing and/or pads but not levers, calipers or rotors. Different rates apply for hydraulic disc brake systems.
  3. MP3- Gear System Reconditioning $40
    Secure shifters, clean and lubricate derailleurs, cables and chain, and adjust derailleurs. This includes the labor for installation of cables and housing but not derailleurs or shifters.
  4. MP4- Drive Train Cleaning $50
    Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of crank, chain, derailleurs and cassette or freewheel. Lubricate (or install new) shift cables and  housing. Minor derailleur adjustments are also included.
  5. MP5- Full Tune Up $70
    Thorough cleaning of the whole bicycle. Lubrication and adjustment of cables, chain, derailleurs, brake levers and calipers. Adjustment of all major bearing assemblies (hubs, headset, bottom bracket) and truing wheels. Set all fasteners to proper torque specifications and set tires to proper pressure. Includes labor for installation of new cables and/or brake pads but not other components.
  6. MP6- Full Tune Up and Drive Train Cleaning $110
    Package 4 & Package 5 combined for discount!
  7. MP7- Complete Overhaul $200
    Package 6 as well as a complete overhaul of hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. Includes labor for installation of all parts except tires & tubes.